Blue Mount Crowan Star Water Purifier

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  • Technology: Online RO + Antioxidant Alkaline +UF
  • Applications: suitable for purification of brackish/tap/municipal water.
  • Purification capacity: up to 18 liters/hour
  • Weight : 7.1 kg,( approx )
  • Product dimension ( inch ) : 21.1 (H),* 9.9 (W) * 16.7 (L)
  • Storage capacity : 12 litres .
  • Filters: Sediment, Activated carbon, RO, Antioxidant Alkaline, UF
  • Input voltage : 100-300 volt ( AC ) 50Hz,
  • Operating voltage: 24 volts ( DC )
  • Installation: wall-mounted.


Purification Technology

RO And pH Modulator:

The Alkaline filter and RO Membrane collectively purify water to micro levels. Post purification pH filter modulates and maintains the pH level as well as minerals essential for human body.

Superior UF Membrane:

Equipped with a 0.01-micron pore diameter UF membrane removing harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and cysts while allowing essential minerals to pass.

Advanced Purification Process:

Advanced technology is not a simple process of purification. The various steps are designed in a way ensuring that every drop of water which comes out of the purifier is safe and pure for human consumption

Latest And Highly Advanced:

Alkaline RO purification technology provides purification in a multi-stages process by alkaline RO combined with Alkaline + Carbon + Sediments filter.

Multi-Stages Purification Process:

Advanced technology is not a simple process of purification. The various stages push the science of purification to a different level, understanding the impurities dissolved as per today is time and environment and health needs.

100% Chemical Free:

No chemicals such as chlorine, bromine or iodine are used for purification of water unlike other water purifiers, thereby making water safe and healthy for consumption.

Super Filters:

Activated carbon cartridge and silver impregnated carbon filter removes all chemical impurities like chlorine, as well as maintain healthy colour and odour of the water.

Safe Material:

All metal parts are completely safe and corrosion resistant while the plastic parts are food-grade, non-breakable ABS plastic components. This ensures that purified water remains safe and pure while in the purifier for a long duration.

Alkaline RO and UF purification technology provide purification by Alkaline RO combined with Alkaline + Carbon + Sediment filters. The carbon and sediment filters remove both suspended and chemical impurities such as chlorine, pesticides and various organic chemicals. It’s a state-of-the-art Alkaline filter and RO Membrane collectively purifies water while the Anti-Oxidant Alkaline filter makes water anti-oxidant alkaline by maintaining the pH level (7 -8.5), reducing ORP value (-250 to -50) and enhance minerals essential for the human body.


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