Havells Digitouch Water Purifier

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Havells Digitouch Water Purifier 100% RO & UV

Best-in-class Purification Technology 100% RO & UV purification in 8 stages and Double UV that sterilizes water every 4 hours for assured safe drinking water round the clock. Revitalizer restructures water molecules for improved hydration, and mineral absorption.


Brand: Havells
Product code: 104311
Model Number: Digitouch
Product type: Water Purifier
Product dimensions (hxwxd): 48.4 cm x 36.1 cm x 22.2 cm
Net weight (kg) approximately: 9 kg
Flow rate: Up to 15 liters per hour
Tank capacity: (L) approximately 6 litres
Purification technology: RO & UV Technology
Purifying stages: 8 Stages(RO+UV)
Material of construction for plastic components Food safe
Dispensing : Smart programmable dispensing option.
Power rating :(maximum) 60 W
Pressure rating 06-30 psi
Ultra violet lamp power rating 4 W
Color: Black and Gold (As given picture)

Power supply
Input voltage range 230 V, 50 Hz
Purification process Monitoring: LED breathing light

Unique 8 Stage 100% RO & UV Purification and Double UV that sterilizes water every 4 hours for assure safe drinking water round the clock.


Membrane Performance Enhancer, Sediment filter, Active carbon, Silver Impregnated taste, Mineralz fortification cartridge, Revitalizer cartridge- 6th month warranty And every Electric parts has one year service warranty .

Installation Charge: Inside Dhaka- Free, Outside Dhaka- 1500 taka.

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