Lan Shan 5 Stage RO Purifier (101BW)

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Model No: LSRO-101-BW

The most important thing we think before drinking water, is this water safe for me? We understand that safe water will not harm our body. In other words, it is free from bacteria, viruses, excessive iron and heavy metals. And the only universally accepted technology for this perfect solution to water is RO or Reverse Osmosis technology. And the Lanshan brand has the LSRO-101-BW water purifier with that technology. This is one of the most popular models of the Lan Shan brand. Adequate quality of each filter has been ensured. As a result, it can easily purify water with more iron and TDS. And it is able to balance the pH level of water. You can use it to sink or hang on the wall as you wish.


Model No : LSRO-101-BW
Brand : Lanshan
Capacity : 75GPD (12LPH)
Reserve Capacity : 4 G Pressure Tank
Technology : Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Country of Technology : USA
Origin : Taiwan
Faucet : Goose Type Golden Hand


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