Heron UV 20″ Water Purifier

Original price was: 18,000.00৳ .Current price is: 14,000.00৳ .

Model No : G-UV-401-20
Brand : Heron
Capacity : 2 – 3 GPM
Power of UV : 16 W, 220v, 50Hz
Origin : China


If you have visible impurities, bacteria, virus or bad odor in your water then you can use this filter in your house, hotel or restaurant. Heron brand launched a perfect UV water filter in a reasonable price. It will purify water by your water pressure. You can hang it in your wall or also you can set it under your kitchen sink. It will purify your water by 4 different stages. First three filters are 20’’ long and 2.5inc. width. Fourth stage is UV filter. There are two types of UV with this purifier. One of them is 12w and another is 16w. It has .10AMPR adaptor with 12w machine and .13AMPR adaptor with 16w adaptor. You will get 2-3GPM (Gallon per minute) water from it.  It will remove mud, dirt, sand, bad odor and it will kill bacteria, virus from your water. It will make your water useable. So, be a user of Heron brand.


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