Lanshan -929-CAR- Hot, Cold & Warm RO Water Purifier

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Model No: LSRO-929-CAR
Model No : LSRO-929-CAR
Brand : Lanshan
Capacity : 50/100GPD
Technology : Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Country of Technology : USA
Origin : Taiwan
Hot Water : 2 liters
Cold Water Capacity : 3 liters
Normal Water : 8 liters
Dimension : 33 X 40 X 105 CM


In the past, our world faced many diseases related to water such as typhoid, cholera, diarrhea etc. Nowadays, technology has made our life easier than before. In the Reserve Osmosis technology, we get 100% drinkable water. LSRO-929CAR has this unprecedented technology. It has a re-boiling function which instantly brings water to 100 ° Celsius. This allows you to make instant tea, coffee, and even soup with hot water. It also has a compressor-based cooling system which makes your drinkable water as cool as you need. You can drink normal water also. It is a 50/100GPD RO water purifier. The maximum production capacity of this purifier is 192 liters per day. It has 3 different reservoirs. It can reserve 6 liters of normal, 3 liters of cold, and 2 liters hot water. So, try something different and be unique from others.


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