Unilever Pureit Classic Water Purifier 23L

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Unilever Pureit Classic Water Purifier 23L

  • Capacity: 9 Liters
  • Auto Shutoff ensures water purity
  • Removes 1 million viruses from a liter of water
  • Large 23 Litres purifier size
  • Removes harmful pesticides & undesirable odor
  • Strong plastic to ensure purifier has a long life
  • Tested up to 50,000 times to ensure that it lasts long


PureIt is a revolutionary innovation by Unilever to provide the solution to the need of safe drinking water. It is world’s one of the most advanced in-home water purifier and first of its kind. In fact, it is world’s largest selling water purifier. Water is synonymous to life, but only when it is safe for consumption. In Bangladesh 32 million lack safe water and water-related diseases are responsible for 24% of all deaths. Drinking unsafe water can cause fatal waterborne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, jaundice, and typhoid. Diarrheal diseases constitute a major health problem in Bangladesh, killing over 100,000 children each year. With a mission to bring safe drinking water to millions of Bangladeshi consumers at an affordable cost, Unilever introduced its revolutionary water purifier – PureIt.

Pureit is an innovation that addresses one of the biggest technological challenges of the century – that of making safe water accessible and affordable for millions. Pureit’s Classic has a maximum capacity of 23 and provides water at a cost of less than 50 paisa/Litre.


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